Underground Destruction Compilation

Dying Fetus - Tearing from Within
Internal Bleeding - Anointed in Servitude
Krabathor - Faces Under the Ice
Sons of Chaos - Self Manipulation
Kevorkian - Human Extractions Systems
eyes see red - Emotional Flatline - lyrics
Rudra - Atman
Grond - Burning Souls at the Place of Victory
Of the Fallen - Dawn of the Blackest Sun
Maskim - Sacrifice
Sceptocrypt - Antropomorphosis of Imperfection
Cryptic Revelation - Nocturnal Light
Inner War - Thorn
Ens Cogitans - Sacred Sin
Mortuary Oath - Dorians Portrait

Gesamtspielzeit: 75:38 Minuten
Erschien im September 2000 auf Underground Media.
"Emotional Flatline" remixed und mit neuen Gesangsspuren versehen von Christian

Christian - Bass, Vocals
Mathias - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Mike - Drums