Since that's what you all want to know, let's take care of it right at the top - no, we're not done yet, and there's no definite release date yet either. What we do know for sure though is that March will see the release of a split 7" with Tiburón, which will contain the new song "Rapture" and a rerecorded and, um, let's say slightly faster version of "Dead (But Still Twitching)" from our first demo, the latter of which will be exclusive to this split. Vinyl only.

We've been busy with the recordings since early October 02. The reason it's taking us so long is that unlike other bands, we don't take two weeks off from work to go into the studio, we record everything on the evenings in our rehearsal room. But frankly, we like it better that way because it means there's no pressure and we can take as long as we want.

We're using the same hard disc recorder as last time. But the whole recording process is totally different this time around. The last album's biggest weakness was that it simply lacked balls, because we focused too much on making every little detail clearly audible, losing sight of the overall feeling of the music. And let's face it, first and foremost, a Death Metal album has to kick your teeth in, anything else is secondary. And that's why, for example, we didn't use a click track this time. Sure, that means some things aren't really 100% perfect, but it just sounds more natural and aggressive that way.

Expect the new album to hit sometime in spring. The title is "Beyond the Realm of Sanity". It's already becoming obvious that people are having a hard time remembering the title, but oh well - nobody ever gets our name right either, so fuck it. The tracklisting is finalized and reads as follows:

1. Rapture
2. Sacrificial
3. Dreamscape
4. Borderline
5. Madness Sweet Madness
6. That Which Destroys
7. Broken Cycle
8. Sick (a Spring Poem)
9. Don't Ask Me How I Feel