The following people have in some way or another earned our gratitude:

for cool shows:
Swiss MIND, Hellfire, Metal Die Hard Front, Dane/Z7, MG/Tiburon, Fredi&Esthi/Green Wolf Metal Pub, Kraftfeld Winterthur, Dynamo Zürich, Taptab Schaffhausen

radio shows:
Silvio/Startrips, Kevin/KGRG, Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine, Sean Smith, The Sinister Plan webradio

Daniel/The Renewal, Jenn/Metal Mafia, Ron/Seeds of Evil, Fabian/Devil's Priest, Boy/Atifah, Angy&Desy/, Renegade2k Webzine (where the fuck have you disappeared off to?)

Knowhere, Parazide, Slaine, Lost Chapter, Mynedarion, Voracity, The Cranium, Censored, Driven By Hate, Requiem, Creeping Vengeance, Mulder, Dormitory, Der Eremit, Beheaded, Anasarca, Mistress, Funebris and everyone else we've ever played with.

other cool people:
Stephan "Darkwolf" Troxler for the picture gallery javascript that'll probably save about 23452345 hours of Mike's time, Kevin/Underground Media for the compilation, Sandro Klopfstein for the ImageReady tutorial, Roman Lukanec for the code Mike swiped from him, Andi Schmucki, Kov Bolotin, Kurt Rossi, Banshee, Mesi Begert and Tom Werr for taking pics, and everybody else who has ever supported us in any way. You all rock!