Sylvester in Hell, 12/30/2001 - Dynamo Werk 21, Zürich

Pictures by Mesi Begert
He gets his clothes from the Salvation Army. *slobber* Kitana! Please don't ask about the smoke behind his ass. 'Dude, your head's all blurry and stuff!'
Someone spilled ketchup on this photo. 'How's it go again?' Aaah, make up your own fucking caption. Who let that moron off the leash?
October Bash II - 10/14/2000 - Dynamokeller, Zürich

Pictures by Kurt Rossi
Invocating the badly dressed one. Watch this! With the banging of my head... ...I make this pole vanish! He's clearly enjoying himself a little too much. 'Funny how? Like a clown?'
'Hmmm, I think I fucked that one up.' 'No, please, lemme go! Aarrgh!' Yes, Mäffe actually wore that shirt. And it was all wrinkly and shit. three fuglies and a bottle of water
He still has a somewhat uneasy relationship with that ceiling. CAUTION - viewing this image may cause permanent eye damage! We have to feed him beans to be sure which side's the back. To add insult to injury, Mike flaps his sweaty towel in Christian's face.
Dark X-Mas Carol Days, 12/24/1999 - Green Wolf Metal Pub, Deitingen

Pictures by Jakov Bolotin
He lost a lens. Mike turns away in horror as Christian bends over. Get that camera outta my face!
true grit It says 'Closed on Mondays'. Boy, you guys are fuckin' ugly! ...and this is my 'Eastwood Squint'.
RRRRAAAAH!! It's not the lighting, he's really that white.
October Bash, 10/23/1999 - Dynamokeller, Zürich

Pictures by Kurt Rossi
They're wondering why Mike's head is glowing. sweat He almost ate it. Mäffe's back must look really funny.
The ceiling said something about his mother. 'You gonna eat that?' lights, camera, action
gratuitous shot of the stage floor Mäffe's girlfriend So where's the groupies at? red
Winti Deathfest, 9/4/1999 - Türmlihaus, Winterthur

Pictures by Andi Schmucki
Hair. Loads of it. the whitest man in Death Metal more hair his nose is even longer in real life the killing floor
nekkid, sweaty and out of control ...and some more hair ...and even more hair purty feller, aintcha the only working part of Mike's body
Aaargh!! yep, you guessed it - more hair true evil You can go faster if you bite your lip. No, really! He looks even whiter from this angle.
CD Release Party, 7/10/1999 - Jugikeller, Uster

Pictures by Jakov Bolotin
too... fast... gonna... faint... Mike and his evil twin hmm... cookies! That yellow blot is a fish. Don't ask.
Grrr! a bottle of beer and some people birth of a monster