Yeah, um, it's been a pretty slow year so far.

If anyone's wondering what's going on - the reason we've been gone from the public eye was basically that we had to tear down and rebuild the band from the ground up. Our priorities required some serious rethinking, but it's all good now, and no, this doesn't mean we're not playing Death Metal anymore or turning into [insert band you don't like here]. We're happier with what we're doing than we have been in a long time, and the feedback after our show this month seemed to indicate that we're on the right track.
Insert customary self-deprecating remark about how the new year's entry is late here.

Heh. Yeah, so another year's up, and I'm due for my usual new year's soapbox rant, but there isn't really that much to say. If you've been paying attention, you've probably noticed that things have slowed down a bit for us lately. There are numerous reasons for that, but I don't want to bore you guys - the important part is, no, we're not going anywhere, in fact, we've just moved into a new practice space in the beautiful city of Zürich, and we're still laboring over the new songs I've been blathering about on our Myspace page.

So it's been a slow, but good year - thanks to all the bands we played shows with and everybody involved in making these shows fun, promoters and drunks in the audience alike, Tom and Caro for the pics and everybody else who keeps us coming back for more abuse. You probably know who you are by now.

Also, the new Reaper Comes compilation is finally out and features a song from your favorite handsomeness-impaired Death Metal trio, so next time you see our buddy Hoschi with his big distro booth somewhere at a show, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy.

And look for a bunch of new reviews and a discography update as soon as a certain someone removes his thumbicular appendages from his rectal cavitosity.
You know the good thing about when summer's over? Club show time, baby!

We've got two shows lined up in October (the rest of the lineup for the 29th will be posted as soon as we get it), and it's about f'n time we hit the stage again. We've got some new songs, and it's generally been way too long.

And to set the mood and/or remind you guys what our ugly mugs look like when we're all sweaty and making funny faces, we've got a ton of new show pics over in the Pics section, so go check 'em out.
On May 21st, we're playing at the Markthalle in Zofingen as part of the Aktionstag for the OXX club in the same town.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the club (where the hell have you been?), the OXX is one of the cooler places in Switzerland and does all kinds of events, among them many Metal shows - the list of excellent international bands who have played there is longer than your arm. And now they're in trouble. Local politicians are doing the best they can to make it impossible for them to keep their club running, especially the Metal shows (you can read all about it at their website), so they're setting up an event to present their club and what they do to the general public. The more people show up, the more obvious it will be that the OXX is a sorely needed cultural institution for the region, if not the whole country, so get your lazy butts out of your couches and show up. And besides, it'll be fun.
There's not really that much to talk about, but here's an update anyway. Just because.

As you may have noticed, the list of reviews for Beyond the Realm of Sanity is growing slowly but steadily. Due to various bullshit reasons we won't bore you with (suffice it to say that all of them are Mike's fault), many zines have only just now gotten their promo copies, so expect more reviews to come trickling in over the next months.

Also, we've got two shows coming up that we're pretty excited about. One is the heavymetal.ch Festival on April 30th with Pungent Stench and a shitload of other good bands. Don't get drunk too early - we're up last after Pungent Stench in the middle of the night. And three days later, we're opening up for Zubrowska and Kronos at the good ol' GG31 where the sweat from our last show there probably hasn't even dried yet. Should be fun, so drop by and say hi or Hail Satan or whatever it is you people say.
Well, as usual, I'm a day late and a dollar short with my new year's blather, but if we proved one thing in 2004, it's that while things sometimes take us a little longer than they probably should, we always come through in the end. Heh.

2004 was the year we finally, a whopping five years after the last full-length, were able to release "Beyond the Realm of Sanity". The recording and mixing process took us almost two years (we started laying down drum tracks in October 2002), and while the entire ordeal has reminded us once again why we just plain hate recording our music - even Christian eventually couldn't take it anymore - it seems taking our time was worth it as reviews so far have been unianimously positive. And we've actually resolved to get on a somewhat more regular release schedule from now on. No, really. Don't laugh.

Thankfully we also got to play live a lot, god knows that's a lot more fun than laboring over the umpteenth take of the 2nd guitar track to riff #5 in song #12. A big thanks, as usual, to the ELKS posse and everyone at the KuZeB, the Metal Die Hard Front for putting us on the bill with Suffocation, Chris and Hellfire for making sure 2004 didn't go by without an ESR show at the good ol' Dynamokell... err, whatever it's called now, Ursina, Jack and all the fine ladies at the Zodiac Bar, all the bands we played with, all the webzines for the great reviews and everyone else who has made this year fun for us.
Whoa, has it really been that long since the last news entry?

Well, there really wasn't much worth talking about that couldn't be covered in the show dates listing. We've been doing what we always do - playing every rat-infested shithole we can find and generally having a blast. And it surely hasn't gone unnoticed that we opened up for Suffocation last week, but while we're at it, thanks to our good friends at the Metal Die Hard Front for booking us for that night.

And "Beyond the Realm of Sanity" is out there wreaking havoc on the general public's mental state, sales going far better than they ever did for "Embrace It", which proves once and for all that mp3 downloads do not, repeat, do not hurt your sales. The damn thing's available right here on our own website, and whaddayaknow, people are buying it because it gives them a way to check it out before they decide whether they shell out their hard-earned cash for a copy. Funny how that works, eh?

The next year is currently looking to be a ton of fun too. We've got another big shindig at the Zodiac Club coming up, and we're playing the Heavymetal.ch festival alongside Pungent Stench, Cataract and a shitload of other good bands.

And finally, we're on Myspace now. You can check us out at www.myspace.com/eyesseered. There's nothing there that you wouldn't find here too, really, but if you're on there too, add us so our friends list will grow, along with our e-penis.

So that's what we've been up to. See you at the next show, and we better not catch you without a beer in your hands.
Breaking news - temperatures in hell have officially dropped below zero.

Yes, boys, girls and hermaphrodites, it's true. Murphy has at last given us a break, nothing went wrong and the CD is out right on fucking schedule. Hop on over to the Music section for info on the CD, lyrics and full mp3's of all the songs on the album. And if you like what you hear, hit our store and get yourself a full copy with the fancy booklet and all that good stuff because we need money to make the next one. And we promise it won't take five years again.
In a Blabbermouth-style "everything's worth a newsflash" stunt, we give you the brand-spanking new "Beyond the Realm of Sanity" info page.

Click here to check out the artwork as well as the song titles. mp3's of ALL tracks and lyrics will be online soon.
Oh yes, you read right. June 26th is the day of our CD release party, and June 26th is the day the new album "Beyond the Realm of Sanity" is finally coming out. We don't have the actual CD's in our hands just yet of course, but all things considered, it's nearly impossible for anything to go wrong at this point. Which means Murphy will think of something, of course.

Until then, look for a few updates here. We'll have the cover artwork and lyrics up here soon, and yes, the whole album will be available for download because we're nice like that.
So where's that f'n CD, you ask? Erm, still not out yet. That's also why Knowhere got that huge-ass bottle of champagne on stage, in case you were wondering. We kinda lost a bet there. You can probably imagine the details.

The good news is that we're actually getting closer to finally wrapping things up. Final mixing and mastering will get done this month, so taking into consideration all possible future mishaps (including but in no way limited to the delivery trucks being hijacked by drug-addicted nuns from outer space), we're looking at an early June release. Keep your fingers crossed if you still care.
Contrary to info circulating elsewhere, our show at the Zodiac Club in Zürich this Thursday will take place as announced here. Apparently there was a Crown of Glory pre-listening scheduled for this date at an earlier point, but they're playing a show there on April 8th instead. The correct schedule is available at the Zodiac Club's website. We have no idea why the pre-listening is still announced even on Crown of Glory's website, but our show's going through as planned, and everything else is beyond our control.

In other show news, we're playing the Kuzeb in Bremgarten with our buddies from Knowhere and Creeping Vengeance on March 27th. This will be the first of hopefully many ELKS Syndicate shows at the Kuzeb, and both the other bands consisting of fine specimens of the human race, we expect it to be a ton of fun. So show up.

And finally, the spammers have won - Mike will be giving up his old e-mail address esr@eyesseered.com and switching to . The old mailbox will still be open for another month or so, but then it's going the way of the dodo, so update your address books, folks.
The show at the Zodiac bar in Zürich had to be pushed back by a week. Macabre and Cephalic Carnage are playing in Basel on the same day, so there really was no point going through with the show if we could still move it. And we could, so we did.
Well, if this isn't the single most delayed New Year's Soapbox in the history of eyesseered.com. Sorry about that. I'm sure you've all had sleepless nights ever since January 1st.

Looking at last year's NYS entry was a bit of an embarrassing experience for me. The T-Shirts still aren't available, and neither is the new album. And guess what, I've got more bad news for you. The studio we were going to get the CD mastered at is currently unavailable, which in all likelihood will mean further delays.

Anyway, despite appearances to the contrary, we've kept ourselves quite busy with playing shows this year, and thus I need to thank a bunch of people for making these shows possible. First and foremost, as usual, the ELKS posse, currently consisting of Knowhere, Marcel, Andi, Stefan and various other helpers. Y'all still rock. Also, everyone at Hellfire, Swiss MIND, the Metal Die Hard Front, Hoschi, nächtlich thränet, everyone at the GG31, Requiem and everyone who came to the shows to rock out with their cocks out. Thanks to all the bands we played with and everyone who has supported us in any way, shape or form.

And finally, as some of you might know, 2003 was essentially a steaming pile of shit for me personally, and I'd like to thank the good people who have made it a little more bearable for me. You know who you are.
Maybe we should start calling this a tour and pretend like we're a real band and stuff.

We've just added another date to our ever-growing list of upcoming shows. On February 19th next year, we're playing the Zodiac bar in Zürich. You know, that place where Mike usually can't remember what he did, how he got home or why his ass feels funny. Should be good. Thanks to Ursina for booking us, if anyone knows what she's getting herself into, it's her, heh.
The third band for December 20th is confirmed - it's Equilibrium from Munich. We don't know these guys, but that's alright, I guess we'll get to know them now.

Also, we've just added another show date to our December schedule. On the 18th, we'll be playing the Kofmehl in Solothurn with Creeping Vengeance. Should be good, you know we like to get silly with the Creeping Vengeance guys, and the Kofmehl's a cool club. Thanks to Podo for booking us.

The next show after December will probably be sometime in January in Zürich, but more news on that when the date's confirmed.
Well, it's been a while since the last news instalment, so here's an update: there's nothing new.
Haw haw.

We're working on the mix for the next CD, which is taking a lot of time as Christian's doing it all by himself and he doesn't have a lot of free time right now. But since we kind of messed things up with "Embrace It" when we started to rush things toward the end, we're taking our time now. It'll be out when we're done.

And more bad news about the tour with Requiem and Cropment, I'm afraid... since it was impossible to find dates that all the bands could make in February, the tour's been scrapped until further notice. All three bands still very much want to do it, and it WILL happen, even if it means... erm, even if it means... well, I dunno, but we'll do it eventually.

Also, we've at long last confirmed the very first show outside Switzerland. Just before Christmas, December 20 to be precise, we will be playing in Konstanz (okay, that doesn't really count, I know, but technically, it IS in Germany) with Aliengates and an as-yet-unconfirmed third band. Thanks to Hoschi for putting us on the bill after we had to decline his previous 3452345 offers.

And finally, we've got pictures from our shows at the GG 31 and the Hellvetia Day III up and running over in the Pics section. Thanks to Tom and the Mulder dudes for the cool pics and to everyone who made both those shows a ton of fun.
Hell has, at last, frozen over.

The split 7" with Tiburón is finally here. It features two new recordings by both bands. On our side, you get the new track "Rapture", taken from our upcoming CD "Beyond the Realm of Sanity", plus a rerecorded and much faster version of "(Dead) But Still Twitching" from our 1996 demo tape. Tiburón's side features the new tracks "Into the Core" and "Research of the Invisible". The 7" comes in spiffy clear red vinyl with a black splatter pattern and is limited to 275 copies. Get your hands on it while you still can!

The bad news is that the South European Massacre tour with Requiem and Cropment had to be pushed back to February, mainly because Requiem would not have been able to come along, and nobody wanted that. We're fixing the new dates as we speak and looking for shows in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and possibly Scandinavia.
For some unearthly reason (read: Mike's an idiot), the MDHF's Hellvetia Day was listed for August 29th here until now. Of course, as basically any other local concert listing will tell you, it takes place on the 30th. But hey, you don't seriously believe anything you read here, right? Right.

Meanwhile, the recordings will wrap up next week, Mathias still hasn't ironed his Hawaiian shirt, and Mike doesn't play with gloves anymore. Hurray!
We have to apologize profusely to Ron from Seeds of Evil. His "Not for Pussies" compilation has been out for months, and we never mentioned it here. Well, it's now listed over in the Music section. Go to the Seeds of Evil site and get your copy now, it's a cool comp.

In other 'red-related news, unfortunately Perverse will not be on the South European Massacre tour with Requiem, Cropment and us. But booking is currently underway and things are looking good.
The recordings for the "Beyond the Realm of Sanity" CD are almost done (we expect everything to wrap up in about two weeks) and initial mixing has begun. Currently, the plan is to release the album in September and of course throw a big party to celebrate.

The split 7" with Tiburón will be further delayed due to problems with the cover artwork and production. No precise or even approximate release date known at this time. Read: I don't have a fucking clue when it's coming out and I'm not going to make a fool of myself again by announcing another deadline that I know we're not going to make.
I love when this happens. Literally on the day of our last news update, I was informed that The Brutal God Formerly Known as Jahwe (sorry guys, I just couldn't resist, heh) are back on the bill for the show in June. So hear ye this: Let it be known that until the next lineup change, the running order for June 7th be Mulder, Brutal God and eyes see red. Muttermutter.
Since it's quasi-official now and there's other news to babble about, we might as well tell you - it looks like we will be going on a short tour of southwestern Europe with Requiem, Cropment and Perverse this October. Dates and locations aren't finalized yet, but expect shows in France, Spain and western Switzerland. A big thanks to Requiem and Cropment for setting up the tour and taking us with them.

The split... isn't out yet, but it's on the way. The CD's have gone to the factory, so it should only be a matter of weeks now until we're holding our first vinyl release in our grubby li'l paws. Expect it to be available on the Mailorder page as soon as the postman drags them to Mike's doorstep.

And finally, Brutal God have cancelled their appearance alongside Mulder and us at the GG in June. There will not be a replacement, it's just Mulder and eyes see red now.
Miscommunications and server outages have led to further delays - expect the split 7" with Tiburón to be out in May. The recordings and mixing for the two tracks are all done, though, so we now have the first track "Rapture" available for download over in the Music section. This is the first new ESR recording, in, oh, a little over four years that's available to the public, so go check it out and feel free to post your comments in the Guestbook, we're dying to hear what you guys think of the track!

Some further info about the material on the split - "Rapture" is taken from the ever-forthcoming CD "Beyond the Realm of Sanity". However, you can expect the final album version to have a different mix. The version currently available for download will be available only on the 7". "Dead (But Still Twitching)" was, as the five of you who actually bought it may remember, originally written and recorded for our demo tape back in 1996. We've rerecorded it for the 7", and this recording will also be available only on there. And no, there will NOT be a CD version.
Well, I guess you've figured it out for yourselves by now, but the split 7" with Tiburón is going to be late. Christian is probably sitting at home hunched over his HD recorder finishing up the mix for our two tracks as I'm typing this. Expect the split to come out in late April, and track #1, "Rapture" to be available for download here in a week or two.
In case you're wondering what's taking us so long with the CD, the studio report over at heavymetal.ch might serve as an explanation of sorts, so go read it. It's in German though, click here for an English translation. Thanks to Rodi and everyone else for putting up the report.

Also, we're happy to announce that we will be opening up for our old buddies Requiem at their CD release party on April 12th, alongside Morrigu, Happy Hippos Massaker and Carnal Decay. This will be the first time in several years that we're playing with Requiem, so we're definitely looking forward to it. Thanks, guys!

Oh, and the headlining act for the upteenth installment of "Into the Pit" on May 2nd is now confirmed to be the good folks from Cropment, so that's bound to be a good show too.
Two months in the making, and there's still nothing worthwhile in them.

I'm talking about our member profiles, of course. If you were familiar with our old site, you may remember that we used to have individual profiles for the three of us. These were scrapped when the new site went online, basically because their content was outdated. Mathias hasn't eaten wobbly lemon cake in the rehearsal room in at least six years, and Mike doesn't tell people they're free to think whatever he wants anymore, though he still very much feels that way about his fellow human beings. Anyway, we've finally gotten around to whipping up new profiles, and they're over in the Bio section for you to mock and ridicule as you see fit.

Also, we've got another show date confirmed. We'll be taking the stage at the good ol' Taptab in Schaffhausen yet again with our partners in crime Knowhere and a yet-unnamed headlining act. Be there or shoot Blair, as the IRA says.
Well, mere hours after our last update, MDHF webmaster Rusty has put up the names of the first other confirmed bands for the Hellvetia Day on the MDHF site, thus succeeding yet again in his ongoing quest to make our webmaster look like a complete nincompoop.

Anyway, the other bands on the billing so far are Ambrossia, Disparaged, Deceit and GSF. It's already shaping up to be a great show.
Lots of new stuff to talk about today.

First of all, if everything goes as planned, next month will see the release of the first new eyes see red material in over four years. Yeah, it's been that long. We're wrapping up the recordings for our half of a split 7" with our good buddies Tiburón. Our side of the disc will feature the new song "Rapture" and a completely rerecorded and updated version of "Dead (But Still Twitching)" from our first demo. The new recording of "Dead" will be available only on this 7", and while "Rapture" will also be featured on the upcoming full-length album, you can expect the album version to at least have a different mix.

Also, we've been confirmed for the Metal Die Hard Front's third annual Hellvetia Day, which will, as usual, take place one week after the Mountains of Death Openair at the Kulturwerk 118 in Sursee. We don't have any confirmed info on who else will be playing yet, but you can expect tons of cool bands plus a pretty big international headlining act. Thanks to Stephan and the rest of the MDHF guys for putting us on the bill.

And our legions of fans in Austria will be pleased to hear that the postponed show in Vienna with Slaine is back on track. We're currently working on figuring out the exact date, and you'll read it here as soon as we've nailed it, of course.

Also, the pics from the show with No Return and Kaos are in, and they're lookin' spiffy. We'll have a selection of shots up in the Pics section later this week, so check back soon. Thanks to Tom Werr for doing another killer job.
Let's face it, our old logo was WAY outdated for about a million reasons. Our lazy-ass graphics designer/drummer/general nuisance to the public has been meaning to whip up a reworked logo for a long time, but now he finally got up off his ass and did it. Since the old logo also appeared in a lot of the banners we had on the site, those all had to go as well. But let's face it, those banners were so ucken fugly, they made the logo look good.

It's all over in the Stuff section if'n y'all want to take a look. If you had one of our old banners on your site and linked to the file directly from here, you'll need to fix the file path.

And thanks to the Swiss MIND guys, Kaos and No Return and of course everyone who showed up at the show in Luzern last week. You all rule!
First off, here's a big THANKS to everybody who came to the show yesterday, stayed late and rocked out with us. We had a fucking blast, and hopefully it showed. And a big "Hell Yeah" to the guys in Dormitory and especially Creeping Vengeance for being cool. We had a ton of fun indulging in general nonsense with these guys.

The recordings are coming along nicely, if somewhat slow. We finally put down the last drum tracks on Monday, which Mike celebrated by first lying flat on his back and then doing a rather embarassing victory dance which thankfully hasn't been recorded for posterity.

And don't forget we're playing with Kaos and No Return in Luzern on the 25th!
We've just received word from the folks at Swiss MIND that the headlining act on January 25th will be
No Return. Yes, that's the No Return as in the French Death/Thrashers that have been around since the late 80's. Needless to say, we're more than a little excited.

Also playing are Thrashers Kaos from Basel, who misspelled us on their website, but we won't hold it against them.

You better make sure you come to this show. Unfortunately you'll have to sit through us to see No Return, but they're worth it. Promise. And Kaos is good to, so come early.
Hah, you didn't see that coming, did you?

Well, it was high time for an overhaul, plus I was just sick of the way the old site looked. So this time, I've reworked the entire site from scratch. We've now got individual info pages for all our releases in the "Music" section, a new mp3 has been added, a completely rewritten (and much more, um, shall we say, concise) bio, a restructured news section, and a new guestbook that'll hopefully last a little longer than the old one. Sorry about the banner ad there, by the way, but I don't know php or perl, so this'll have to do. Take a look around and leave your comments in the guestbook, I want to know what you guys think of the new site!

And of course, no January 1st news entry is complete without the latest instalment of Mike's New Year's Soapbox.

2002 wasn't a very "public" year for eyes see red, as some of you may have noticed. We pretty much disappeared to finally get the material for our new album together, which will be out in spring. We've also got plans for a split 7" with another Swiss DM act, but I'll keep my mouth shut on that one until it's confirmed. If all goes well, 2003 will be a much more active year for us. We've got two shows confirmed this month and plans for plenty more as the year progresses. Thanks in advance to the folks at Hellfire and Swiss MIND. Plus our plans for making T-Shirts are finally coming together, you can expect that to happen this year as well.

That's it, I hope you dig the new site, and I'll see you crazy fucks at the shows!
Another slight change of schedule - the show at the Wärchhof will NOT take place on the 26th, but on the 25th of January. There's been some confusion about the date, but this is now the final, confirmed, cast-in-stone, officially sanctioned and signed in blood date for the show.

Art of Abyssos will not be playing, by the way. No other bands besides us are confirmed at this time.
You know, there's a very good reason why we used to only put absolutely confirmed show dates on this site back in the day when we still had something resembling journalistic integrity.

Anyway, the show in Vienna has been postponed until further notice. We're hoping we can make it to Austria sometime next year. The date for the show in Luzern is now fixed, confirmed and nailed down on January 26th. We will join Art of Abyssos and an as-yet-unconfirmed headlining act (if they get who we heard they're trying to get, it's gonna be big) at the Wärchhof in Luzern. Thanks to Amadé and MIND for putting us on the bill.

And if you're paying attention, you're probably wondering now why I'm talking about a show in Vienna next year. Weren't they gonna, like, spare us their ugly faces for most of next year or something? Well, it's my sad duty to announce that you'll have no such luck - Mathias is NOT leaving the country and we're sticking around. This means the new CD will probably come out about 6 months sooner than we thought and we'll play as many shows as we can get. We apologize for the inconvenience. Heh, heh.
Unfortunately, our show in Luzern in November has been postponed to January. The show in Vienna is still a go.

In other ESR-related news, yes, it's true, we've actually started recording the new album! Woo hoo! And this time it's gonna take us even longer to complete it than last time! Woo hoo! And it's still not gonna come out before the end of next year! Woo hoo!
Well, I've got good news and bad news.

The good news is, we will finally start recording our new album in October. No, for real this time. This is a cast-in-stone-come-hell-or-high-water decision.

The bad news is, it probably won't come out until the end of next year. Mathias will be leaving the country for eight months in January. If all goes well, the guitar tracks will be recorded by then and Christian and me will finish up everything during the rest of the year. But there's no point releasing the album before Mathias comes back since we can't play any shows anyway.

As you can see on the Home page, we still have a couple of shows coming up this year, and we hope there will be one or two more. Then we'll more or less disappear for most, if not all of 2003. Christian and me might get some kind of project going which might result in live shows and/or a recording. If and when that happens, you'll read it here first. And make no mistake, we're not going anywhere. We've been around for six years now, eight months is hardly going to kill us. Hope to see you all at one of the remaining shows this year.

Metal Dayz pics are up and running! Head on over to the pictures section and feast your eyes on the bare torsos of our very own Christian and Mathias. You'll notice they painted themselves red for this show. If you think that looks stupid, you should've seen the looks on the faces of Blaze's roadcrew when the two were walking from the wardrobe to the stage.
You know, I could bring back the good old "World Domination" running gag for this, but I'm too hyped up about it. As you may have noticed on your way in, we have a show coming up in the beautiful city of Vienna in November.

This will be the first time that we're playing outside Switzerland, so you better believe we're psyched. A big thanks goes to the guys from Punishment for setting up the show, and to Slaine for hooking us up. You'll regret it, but you don't need me to tell you that, har-de-har.

Also, the pictures from our appearance at the Metal Dayz are in and will be up here next week.
Before I say anything else, here's a big fat THANKS to Dane and everybody else at the Z 7. You guys are among the nicest people we've ever had the pleasure to work with. And the food really is as good as everyone says. No wait, actually it's better than that. Thank god we ate after the show, that's all I'm gonna say...

And thanks to those of you who actually showed up early to see us. You all rock.

Well, looks like our appearance at the Metal Dayz officially ends our 7-month absence from the stage. We've got a bunch of shows planned for this fall. Unfortunately, most of them aren't 100% confirmed yet, and this being a soundly-researched and trustworthy news page, yak yak, you get the point. We will be playing at the Wärchhof in Luzern with Art of Abyssos and another yet-unnamed band on November 16th, and you can expect something anywhere from one to three shows in October and a second show in November. Some of these shows might take place outside Switzerland. That's all I can tell you so far.

Of course that means the recordings for the second CD will be further delayed, but, errrrm, who am I kidding.
As usual when there's nothing going on, we've uploaded more lyrics to the site. This time, you're treated to the lyrics to "Broken Cycle." It's a Blues. No, really. We promise we'll only play this one live when you're all drunk out of your minds so it won't hurt that much. And before you ask, yes, the title is another one o'them rilly rilly deep metaphors Mike likes so much, and no, it's not about the menstrual cycle.

We're actually making headway on the rehearsals for the new CD. Two songs to go and we'll get started recording. Expect the new album to come out any decade now.

In other eyesseered.com related news, the playlists have been updated. This is probably the first time Mathias's playlist doesn't contain anything by Suffocation since the inception of this website. This has to be a sign of the apocalypse, so make sure you stock up on Oreos cuz it's all going down.
Slight change of schedule at the Z7 Metal Dayz - we will NOT be playing on Saturday morning as originally announced, but on Friday at 5:30 pm. That makes us the first band playing at the festival, so you damn well better be there on time. Remember, we know where you live and we WILL come for your sorry ass.

For more info about the Metal Dayz, go to the Z7 website at www.z-7.ch.
Well, it's official now (actually it has been for a while, but... I'm lazy), eyes see red will be playing on the second day of the Metal Dayz 2002 at the Z7 in Pratteln. There's a shitload of real bands playing (Lock Up, Savatage, Samael and about a zillion others), so of course we're opening up on Saturday morning at 10:15 am. Look at it this way, if you get up early and come see us you'll save a lot of money on coffee.

Then again maybe you'll just puke your guts out at the sight of us and go back to sleep. Um. Anyway, please come see us. Please?

Thanks to Dane and everyone at the Z 7 for putting us on the bill. Go to their website at www.z-7.ch for a complete listing of all the bands that have been confirmed so far and all the other info you need.
If you visit our site on a regular basis (why are you laughing at that?), you probably know what we do when there's absolutely nothing of general interest going on with us.

That's right, we put new lyrics on the site. Today we bestow upon you the privilege to read the words to our two latest songs. "The Wanderer", the usual bunch of whiny-ass "my life sucks" crap Mike spouts when he's hung over, and "Believe the Lie", which is apparently... something about a dragon. The song doesn't sound like Dio, though.

In other ESR-related news, we're steadily approaching wrap-up of our rehearsals for the next CD and are hoping to begin recording this summer. Translation: Don't hold your breath just yet.
Well, it had to happen eventually.

After several failed attempts at getting a halfway decent and working guestbook for this website, the rampant wielder of the HTML axe (a very blunt and oddly crooked axe as the case may be, but none the less an axe) that is our very own Mike decided since he wasn't using his free webspace over at Swissonline for anything but hosting stupid shit for his forum posts, he might as well use the guestbook over there for the ESR site.

(holy shit, that was a long sentence.)

Erm, anyway, we have a guestbook now, but I don't have access to the cgi-bin, so some of the pages will look oddly white and refer to an entity called "bmgrfx" which the guestbook was originally meant for. But please be a dear and go sign it anyway. If you post lots of nice things about us, maybe I'll try to fix the rest of it someday.

What? I got sick of talking about myself in the third person.
Did you notice how your mental and physical health steadily improved since October 2000? The sudden inexplicable fits of nausea slowly subsided, your hair started growing back, your teeth don't feel as loose as they used to? You know why you're suddenly feeling so much better?

You haven't been exposed to any ESR live pics since then. Well, no more. The fuglies is back with a bunch of new pics from December's Sylvester in Hell party with nächtlich thränet. Now fuglier than ever before. Here's your chance to see the first pictures published anywhere of Mike with his hair gone. And his face therefore fully exposed, thus enhancing its traumatic effect on the unsuspecting viewer. Head on over to the pictures section and check it out.

Just don't send us the shrink bills.
Okay, so the New Year's Soapbox is a day late. Sorry about that, but yesterday I was... well, you can probably imagine. Anyway, I think we can all agree that 2001 sucked. I'll spare you the part where I enumerate all the shit that happened in the world for the umpteenth time and go into another lament about it. I think we've read enough of that sort of thing in the last few months.

Bad times or no, eyes see red are still out there doing what we do best, but we couldn't keep doing it without the help of the many fine folks who still populate this planet despite what TV would have you believe. Some examples of these fine folks that we feel particularly inclined to thank are, as usual, the ever-diminishing (sorry, but it's true) ELKS-Posse: Kov, Zappi, Arlette and Fulli of Knowhere, Marcel, Adi and the recently departed Andi of Parazide, and everyone else who helped out at the shows. This year's honorable mention goes to Held for scraping the dried shit off the wall in the Taptab men's room. Also deserving of our gratitude for cool shows and all around fun times are Mynedarion, nächtlich thränet, Censored, the Metal Die Hard Front, everyone at the Dynamokeller, everyone who helped out at any of the shows we played, all the bands we played with, and everyone who came to the shows, of course.

Thanks also to Jenn and Ron at Jen's Metal Page/Metal Mafia Zine, Fabian at Devil's Priest Webzine, Andy at deathmetal.ch.vu, Angi, Desi and everyone at heavymetal.ch, Ken at the Sinister Plan Webradio (RIP - for now, anyway), for interviews, airplay and plugs. Thanks to everyone who links to us, wrote reviews and interviews or supported us in any other way.

Also, I'd like to thank all the countless members of Metalheads Against Racism for putting their name on the site and spreading the word, particularly Simon Kongshoj, Ian Cantrill and the Requiem guys for the extra work they've put into it. I hope 2002 will be the year we finally run the racist bastards out of our scene.

And finally, the annual virtual raising of the horns and guttural grunt to the worldwide Death Metal underground. 2001 has actually seen a rapid growth of our scene, proving once again that Death Metal is far from being dead, no matter how many different versions of "baah" the sheep can come up with. Cheers!


Just a quick update before the year ends.

First of all, thanks to everyone who stayed until 1 pm at our Gaswerk show on the 15th. It was our best show in over a year, and we had a ton of fun!

And don't forget eyes see red will be playing with fellow loons/drunks nächtlich thränet this Sunday, December 30th at the Dynamokeller in Zürich. It'll be our first show there in, uh, two months, so don't miss it! Actually, this just might be our last show for a while because we will probably need to hole up in the rehearsal room to work on some new songs in the next few months, so you better show up. Not to mention this is bound to be a great party. We have a surprise planned, and nächtlich thränet will be doing a few things out of the ordinary too, so you absolutely can't miss this show!

Ron, resident drunk at Jen's Metal Page and a longtime online buddy recently did an interview with Mike via ICQ. A shorter version of this interview will also be published in Metal Mafia Zine. The interview had to be shortened for the print version because of Mike's well-known verbosity. What you should do now is read the full version at Jen's site (and check out the rest of the site, of course), then buy the next issue of Metal Mafia anyway because it's a really cool fanzine and you should read it.

And as if that's not enough, Angy and Desirée from heavymetal.ch did an interview with the whole band. However, this one's in German. They also requested that we let them take pictures of our navels, but the UN has recently declared public display of pictures portraying Mike and Christian's bare torsos (or parts thereof) a crime against humanity punishable by carpet bombing, so we had to decline.

Fabian at Devils Priest Webzine made the terrible mistake of doing an interview with the three loons known as eyes see red the other day. We did extend him the courtesy of giving proper answers to, well, some of his questions, but... let's just say Christian thinks Satanism is a car, and the reason Mathias likes Tuborg beer so much is because it's good for fucking. But hey, that's what you get yourself into when you actually ASK us to talk. The English translation isn't up yet, by the way, but those of you with a decent command of the German language are invited to go to the link above and read the interview. While you're at it, take a look at the rest of the site too, it's worth it.


Due to our webmaster's oft-lamented lack of intelligence, a colossal incident of general misinformation has befallen the international Metal scene. Parazide will NOT be playing with Braindead and eyes see red on December 15th. Mynedarion will be playing this show. Mynedarion are also the ones who set up this concert in the first place. Exactly what neural disorder it was that caused our intellectually challenged keeper of the HTML realm (Hey, I'm a drummer, what's your excuse? -Mike) to write "Parazide" where it should have said "Mynedarion" shall forever remain a mystery. All that is certain is that he did so a mere two days after the whole band got together with Mynedarion in the ESR rehearsal room to discuss the details of this show.

If you've copied the information for this show to your own website, please do the Mynedarion folks a favor and update your entry. We apologize to Parazide and Mynedarion for this unforgivable... goofup, for lack of a better term.
The unstoppable juggernaut of creativity that is our webmaster/graphic designer/sorry-ass excuse for a drummer has come up with yet another eyes see red banner for you to adorn your websites with. Head on over to the banners page and bask in its metallic glory.

In other ESR-related news, Mathias and Mike are currently working on a blues/electro cover version of Cannibal Corpse's "A Skull Full of Maggots". Look for the recording of this groundbreaking avantgarde experiment to be released on the seventh of never at quarter past beer.
It's impossible to find words to capture the enormity of what happened on September 11th. Nevertheless, it wouldn't be right to just let it go unmentioned. As you all know, a few madmen have launched an attack on the concept of civilization, killing thousands of innocents just to prove their point.

As citizens of earth, we are as much affected by this as anyone else on this planet. The fact that anyone is capable of doing such a thing shocks us to the point of despair. But the way almost all of the civilized world has forgotten about their petty animosities and rallied against the monsters who commited this crime against humanity shows that there is hope for us yet.

We hope that those who planned this and those who supported them will be found and brought to justice. But it cannot be through the death of thousands more innocents. We have to prove to them that we are better. We have to prove to them that civilization will not fall because of the acts of a few terrorists, no matter how horrible the crimes they commit.

Our hearts go out to all those who have lost friends and family in these terrible attacks. I wish there was something I could say to make it all good again, but there isn't. We have seen what the enemies of our way of life are capable of now, and we'll have to find some way to deal with it.

Well, not much in the way of important news today, so we've decided to let you take a peek at the lyrics to our latest song, "Don't Ask Me How I Feel". This is the first time in, well, probably years that we've had lyrics that talk about killing people, so... rejoice!

An interesting, yet little-known fact about this song is that it was originally about an old guy who's so ugly, he can't even pay a hooker to have sex with him anymore. True story. Make of it what you will.

Can you tell it's been a slow news month for us yet?
Two important announcements today.

1. Grave Violations in Luzern and Subsequent Media Coverage

On July 20, after Exhumed's show at the Kulturwerk 118 in Sursee near Luzern in Switzerland, two Swiss and four German persons violated over 50 graves at a cemetery in Luzern, among other things spilling ashes from urns. Since then, the media has constantly been trying to somehow relate this horrible crime to Death Metal and its fans.

As members of the Death Metal scene, it has become necessary for us to make a statement.
We are horrified by what these six idiots have done. Neither alcohol nor general stupidity can excuse their crime. The two Swiss people involved are personally known to us and there will be no further collaboration between us and them.

However, we are almost equally sickened by the media coverage that has followed. There is NO connection between Death Metal and this foul deed. The Death Metal scene is a scene of music lovers, and violating graves has nothing to do with the love of music. It's just stupid and barbarous. The way the media has since bent the facts in order to present the usual ages-old prejudice against Heavy Metal defies description. The report on Tele 24 following our show with Anasarca and Beheaded at the same venue where the Exhumed show took place has angered us particularly. It's useless to go into detail, but nevertheless we want to state that the two reporters have deliberately chosen to misrepresent facts, take quotes out of context and denounce us all as criminals worse than Satanists and Nazis - after seeing what was a typical, peaceful DM show and personally voicing their surprise at how normal we all are. Don't believe another word you see on that TV station.

2. Metalheads Against Racism

Surely you've all noticed the way the Metal scene has become overrun by racists lately. Since nobody else seems to be doing anything about it, we've decided to provide a way for everyone on and off the web to make a clear statement against racism. At http://www.metalheadsagainstracism.cjb.net, we've set up a website declaring an anti-racist stance, and declaring that racism is not wanted and will not be tolerated in the metal scene. You can support us by putting the banner on your site, and your name will be added to the members list. The idea is that you can make a clear statement against racism just by putting the banner on your site. Go to the Metalheads Against Racism site for more info.

Alright, sorry about all the seriousness, we'll take you back to your regularly scheduled program of general bullshit next time.
With temperatures at tropical levels around here, it's a little hard to imagine that it'll ever be October again (in fact, it's hard to maintain a coherent thought process for over ten seconds), but serious, well organized and dedicated folks of the ELKS-Syndicate that we are, we've already made plans for that month. Yep, you guessed it, the annual ELKS-Syndicate October Bash will take place as usual, and that ugly trio with the short singer and the tall guitarist is gonna be there again. Joined by our good buddies from Knowhere and Voracity, we will make this an all-left handed drummers night, so that alone should make this the single most evil night of the year. And on top of that, it's gonna be on the 13th, so you can expect the antichrist to arise from the Dynamo toilet at midnight. The question is, of course, will this be in the ladies' or the men's room? Drop by and find out!

And as if that's not enough, we've got another show planned, also at the Dynamo, on December 30th. The drunkest drummer in town and his backing band, otherwise known as Nächtlich Thränet were kind enough to invite us to end the year with them. Take Monday the 31st off and make it a three day long new years' celebration!

It's strictly BYOA (Bring Your Own Aspirin), by the way.

Vote for eyes see red at Top 100 Swiss Bands! The folks at heavymetal.ch have started a Top 100 list for Swiss Metal and Goth bands. Go there and vote for the 'red!
Whoa, six weeks since the last update. Well, we're still here, and guess what, we've even got some good news for all those of you who are going ESR cold turkey because they haven't seen us in so long. On July 27th, we will head to the heartland again, the Kulturwerk 118 in Sursee more precisely, and entertain the local townsfolk with one of our customary celebrations of excessive volume and general lack of sanity. Joining us for the fun will be Ansarca from Germany and Beheaded from Malta, so it's worth showing up even if you've just about had it up to here with our usual crap. Thanks to the good people at the Metal Die Hard Front for putting us on the bill!

Also, we're currently rehearsing a new song with the super-evil title "Don't Ask Me How I Feel", so expect the lyrics to that one to pop up on the site soon.
With the ELKS-Syndicate going into summer hiatus after June's third installment of "Into the Pit" and a ton of new songs waiting to be rehearsed, we're probably going to be gone from the stage for a few months. We've at last moved into a new rehearsal room at Mathias and Christian's hometown Winterthur, where we intend to lock ourselves up for the next few weeks to work on new material. Persons asking us when the next album is coming out will be executed in the street.

And believe it or not, we've already started on a new song. Sounds outrageous, but it's true, and even better, the lyrics are up on the Poetry page for you to read. It's called "Sacrificial", and it's kinda fucked up.

In other ESR related news, the eyes see red Hair Revolution is in full swing with Mike having cut his hair short and Mathias having shaved his temples. The band now consists like the midget version of Keanu Reeves, an undead Charlie Benante, and someone who looks like the bouncer at a biker bar. You decide who got the short end of the stick.
Well, as you can see, the makeover for the website is progressing at a rather... casual pace. What's still wheeling across Metaldom like a freight train with a jet engine, however, is the ESR live act, and in the one and only right month for us to show our ugly mugs outside the rehearsal room, April, we will strike twice.

First far up north with the Cranium and a yet-to-be-named third act at the good ol' Taptab in Schaffhausen on the 21st, then the following Friday, April 27th, at the Profitreff in Zürich, which will lose its ESR virginity on that fateful night. Also present to aid us in the... penetration of... I mean gang bang... hold it down while we... no wait, let me rephrase that. We're gonna play with Censored and another band, which is also not confirmed yet.
This is it, people - the totally revamped, new and improved, much better than the old one if only because it's new, eyesseered.com.

Well, actually Mike just did some new graphics, but the plan is to restructure some of the site in the weeks to come to make it easier to navigate around as it's gotten a lot bigger since the original version. In the meantime, feast your eyes on the new look, and look forward to a new bio and some other tweaks in the near future.

And by the way, whether you've looked at the purty new graphics or not, we still expect you to show up at the Dynamo club on March 23rd. The usual threats apply.
As you probably didn't notice on your way in, Mistress will not be appearing with us at the Dynamokeller on March 23rd. Apparently the band broke up recently. Our fellow local speed freaks Tiburon will be playing instead.

Also, we're pleased to announce that eyes see red will be playing on the Sinister Plan web radio again on February 17 10pm EST and on Wednesday February 21 10 am EST. Go to http://chrlyt.tripod.com, tune in and, uh, no, that's a stupid phrase. Just go and listen.

Finally, for all those of you with graphics and banners on their links pages, our grand master of visual untaste has put together a bunch of banners which you'll find here.
More Sinister Plan airplay up ahead.

Tune in to the Sinister Plan Underground Radio at http://chrlyt.tripod.com on Saturday, Jan 20 at 10 pm EST or for the rebroadcast on Wednesday, jan 24 at 10 am EST to hear eyes see red and loads of much better bands.

There's also playlists and other info on what the Sinister Plan is and does on that site, so you might want to just check it out right now.
Well, another year has passed, and that means it's time for another installment of Mike's New Year's Soapbox.

2000 wasn't as hyperactive a year as 1999 was for us - we took a long intended break from playing shows over summer and another not quite intended one towards the end of the year when our resident Karate Kid broke his masturbation joint, and the new CD is still way, way out there beyond the horizon. But still, we had some really fun times this year, and here's some people we've got to thank for that:

First and foremost, as always, the ELKS posse, in no particular order: Koff, Zappi, Fulli and Arlette AKA Knowhere, Marco, This, Dani, Adi and Renato AKA Slaine, Marcel, Andi and and Adi AKA Parazide, and Sonja, Päde and Bruno, who aren't in any ELKS Bands anymore but busted their asses more than once to keep the Syndicate going.

Also deserving of our gratitude are the following fine specimens of the human race: Boom & everyone at the Dynamokeller, Amadé & MIND, everyone at Kraftfeld and Selina & Battlefield for the shows, MG at the good ol' Trauma Music Store for being cool, Kevin Forsythe & Underground Media for the comp, Silvio from Sao Paulo, Kev at KGRG and Ken at The Sinister Plan for radio airplay. Daniel at the renewal webzine, Filip at Agonia webzine, Jenn at Metal Mafia, Boy at Atifah zine and Leandro at Renegade2K for reviews/interviews/plugs and everyone who links to us, plugs us or in any other way spreads the word.

Last, definitely not least and again, as always, a loud and proud "BLEAARGH!!" to the worldwide Death Metal underground for keeping the spirit alive all these years, and everyone who comes to our shows to remind us why we're still putting up with all the crap. Death Metal is the best underground scene in the world and we all know it!

Finally, on a sad note, I have to mention that one of our brothers will no longer be with us in this coming year - Epitaph lost their front man Claude in a tragic car accident just a few days ago. It's hard to find words when someone dies so needlessly at such a young age.

Time for more world domination jokes - yet another radio host has succumbed to the backwards messages on "Embrace It" telling him to play eyes see red.

We're gonna get played along with tons of much better bands on the Sinister Plan today, on December 30, at 10 pm EST. The show will repeat on January 3 at am EST. Go to http://chrlyt.tripod.com and make your ears bleed!
We are pleased to inform our countless millions of fans all around the world that Mathias is feeling peachy again, his wrist has suffered no permanent damage, and we're rehearsing and will soon be ready to make your ears bleed again.

If Murphy doesn't rear his ugly head again and causes Mike to get his genitals stuck in the refridgerator door or something, we'll be opening up for Impending Doom and Mistress on Friday, March 23th at our one and only favorite club in the world, the Dynamo in Zürich.

By the way, both Impending Doom and Mistress are from Germany and will drive all the way to Zürich just for this one show, so you better all show up and make it worth it. Thanks go to Selina from Battlefield for putting us on the bill.
October Bash II pics are up and running!

Head on over to the "Pictures" section and feast your eyes on the photographic testimony of the events that transpired on the fourteenth of October in the year two thousand, a day that shall forever live in infamy as, well, the best friggin' show eyes see red have ever played.

Also featured is a picture of... you know... that thing Mike did.

By way of a general news update, the show this month at the Gaswerk club will have been our last for a while, probably until spring. As many of you probably know already, Mathias broke his wrist recently (In martial arts training! Get your minds outta the gutter!) and will therefore be incapacitated for several months. We'll make use of this time to work on more new material, there are still tons of half finished songs floating around waiting for us to inflict our apelike musical genius upon them.
As everybody unfortunate enough to be in Mike's e-mail address book already knows, the only genuine non-blonde among the ranks of the frequently misspelled eyes see red has recently relocated to the city of Zürich.

Since this is the age of the information highway, the contact information on our website has been updated within the lightning-quick space of two weeks. Anything you sent to his old address in the last two weeks will be thrown to the cows. No, actually it's no problem and he'll still get that stuff, but please do use the new address now.

Also, the October Bash II pics are in and they're lookin' cool, so watch out for those. They'll be up here very soon.
We came, we saw, we took our shirts off.

Whatever insanity drove a certain, ahem, group of females in the audience to repeatedly demaning to be treated to the sight of Christian's and Mike's bare torsos, the show was up there with the best we've ever had. Actually, it outdid last year's October Bash, which we certainly didn't expect, so here's a big CHEERS! to all those who stuck around until the end and made this the most fun we've had all year.

Expect pictures to be available here as soon as we get them. If you didn't show up, at least you'll get a chance to see what you missed. Mathias in a hawaiian shirt, for one thing.
Underground Media has just released their Underground Destruction Compilation, Volume One. This mean piece of Metal clocks in at a whopping 75:38 minutes and features songs by the following bands, in order of appearance:

Dying Fetus, Internal Bleeding, Krabathor, Sons of Chaos, Kevorkian, eyes see red, Rudra, Grond, Of the Fallen, Maskim, Sceptocrypt, Cryptic Revelation, Inner War, Ens Cogitans, and Mortuary Oath.

Our contribution to the compilation is a remix of "Emotional Flatline", the opening track from "Embrace It". And by "remix", we mean "beefed up in the brutality department with rerecorded vocals" and not "dancefloorized, castrated and generally turned into a mockery of what it once was", mind you. So head on over to the Mailorder section and order your copy now because they're in short supply.

By the way, you'll notice we've completely revamped the mailorder section and removed the order form as it was kinda pointless to begin with. The webmaster extends his deepest apologies to all the cgi nerds among our fans and Mesi from Webwaifs, who has invested several hours of his life into programming the now-defunct order form.

In other ESR related news, Christian has cut his hair and dyed it black again and now looks like Keanu's pale little cousin. Everybody come to the October Bash next week to point and laugh.
World domination is at hand!

The latest feat in our ongoing quest for sovereignity over this mudball the aliens have been dodging for 300 years because of the smell has been accomplished. We've invaded Agonia Magazine with our silliness. There's an interview and a review of "Embrace It" online there, so go read it, and while you're at it, check out the rest of the site as well, it's good.

October Bash II will take place as scheduled!!
There's been some confusion over the last few days as to wether or not the ELKS-Syndicate October Bash II will take place or not, but all of this was based on a few simple misunderstandings. Everything will go down exactly as planned, so come on down and make sure you bring a spare liver with you.
There's another October Bash coming!

Oh yes, with the 1999 October Bash easily the biggest event in ELKS history and eyes see red's most successful show to date, you better believe there's gonna be a sequel. Same month, same place, same fair prices, so you better all show your faces there again or we'll hunt each and every one of you down and make you pay. And you better believe we know where you live. And if you weren't there last year, well, consider this your last chance to correct this irredeemable blunder before we hunt you down as well because oh yes, we know where you live too.

October 14, 2000
Bands: eyes see red, Knowhere, Parazide
Doors: 19.00
Bear witness to the return of the 'red!

Yep, you guessed it, the summer break is over and it's time for us again to go out and harrass the general public with our annoying little tunes about love, cannibalism and other crimes against humanity. The date chosen for our triumphant return to the stage is August 25th, where we will be headlining the first day of the Double Death Whopper, the second in the series of the ELKS - Syndicate's annual loud, proud and booze-soaked contributions to the Winterthurer Musikfestwochen. The madness will again take place at our favorite place to get wasted, the stinking hole in the ground known as the Türmlihuus, so come prepared to imbibe large quantities of alcoholic beverages and mosh like a lobotomized baboon on Ketamine.

Double Death Whopper
Türmlihuus, Winterthur

August 25th: eyes see red, Borealis
Doors open at 22.00

August 26th: Punish, Knowhere
Doors open at 22.00

Entry: sFr. 5.-
Booze: Cheap as fuck

Oh yeah, and our webmaster has finally pulled his thumbs out of his ass and applied said quite shitstained appendices to his keyboard in a valiant effort to bring you more pictures with our ugly mugs on them. Head on over to the "Pictures" section and check it out, but make sure to take enough sickbags with you.
If you've been at one of our last few shows, you probably noticed that we played some new material - "Sick", "Spirit of Vengeance" and "That Which Destroys". We know you've all been dying to find out what these songs are about, so we've put the lyrics up on this site. Go to the "Poetry" section and check it out. However, our legal department has informed us that we need to clarify that eyes see red will not be liable for any undesirable side effects induced by the perusal of Mike's lyrics. Such side effects may include, but are not limited to, nausea, painful erections, paralysis of one or several limbs, a sudden desire to eat large quantities of Oreos without dipping them in milk, and the clap.

We're currently hard at work rehearsing new stuff. "Dreamscape" is more or less finished, and we'll soon start working on the next song, "Rapture". The lyrics will be uploaded here as well, so watch out for that.

We've also added some links to our "Plugola" section, Swiss Goth-Rockers Succubus and the Renegade 2K webzine. Renegade 2K has a review of our album "Embrace It", plus a whole bunch of other really cool stuff, so go check it out!

Speaking of the "Plugola" section, it has come to our attention that some people link to us without letting us know. Now we definitely appreciate it when people link to us, but if you're gonna put a link to eyesseered.com on your site, why not let us know? We will link back to anyone that links to us, so just e-mail esr@eyesseered.com and let us know!

If and when our lazy fucker of a webmaster finally removes his thumbs from his rectum, he will add pictures from our shows at the Green Wolf Metal Pub and Wärchhof to the "Pictures" section, so be sure to come back sometime. In the meantime, thanks to Selina for sending in the Wärchhof pics!
Just a few site updates today.

Astute fellows that you are, you've probably noticed that we've removed the "Home" link from the menu bar on the left - klick on the ESR logo above to return to the home page. Not only will this major reconstruction do away with the scrolling bar on smaller screens, but the nifty-keen ESR logo now finally serves another purpose besides looking cool. Awesome, innit?

Also, we've added another song to the "Poetry" page, the modern classic "Dead (But Still Twitching)". It has become a staple of our live shows lately, and since there is no lyric sheet on the demo tape, we thought we should at least put it up here.

Speaking of the "Poetry" page, some unfortunate pervert in Austria recently won the no-prize for "most unlikely way to accidentially end up on eyesseered.com through a search engine". Upon typing in the search string "rape+torture+nail+-member+-free+clip", he, she or it ended up in our "Poetry" section. Sorry, no free mpegs of people being forced to watch "Golden Girls" reruns in their undies around here, folks.

Expect more pictures to be uploaded here in the near future, and maybe some new lyrics.
Alright, this is it.
The last show before the summer break is behind us - 20 minutes of mayhem at 3 in the morning in front of a Kraftfeld full of drunks.

In all likelyhood, this will have been our last show for a while, but of course that don't mean there won't be nothin' going on around eyesseered.com. We've still got a whole bunch of pictures floating around that need to get on the site, so keep coming back.

And expect us to come back armed with tons of new songs sometime around the Winterthurer Musikfestwochen, maybe earlier.
You know, that "ESR withdrawal" thing? It ain't happening.

Yep, we've got another show coming up. The Kraftfeld club in Winterthur is throwing a benefit show with, apparently, loads of different bands on May 6th, and they've asked eyes see red to be part of the fun. We've never said no to a show, and we sure the hell ain't starting now, so if you thought you were finally rid of us, well, think again, baby. We don't know what the "benefit" is for and we don't care and we don't even know who else is playing there except our good buddies Parazide, but hey.
Check the Kraftfeld website for more info.

May 6, 2000
Kraftfeld Winterthur
eyes see red, Parazide & more
The pictures gallery is finally up and running! Go to the pictures section and wade through ESR piccies until your eyes bleed! We have more pictures coming up, so check back in a few weeks to finish off what little will be left of your sanity.

Unfortunately, we've had to make way on our limited amount of server space for the pictures. Therefore, we've removed the MP3 file of "The Quickening". However, it's still available on www.mp3.com and www.besonic.com, so if you can't get enough of us, just go to one of those sites.

And finally, Christian has digitally remastered the Demo Tape and it is now available on CD-R at exactly the same price.

In other ESR related news, some dick stole the keys to Mathias' car from his dressing room locker at the Kung Fu gym a few days ago. Unwilling to spend the insane amount of money for new keys because his car is about a week from its demise anyway, Mathias jumped up and down on the steering wheel until the lock broke (on a public parking lot and in broad daylight, mind you), then short circuited it and drove off into the sunset. He has since put together a complete set of wires that allow him to start the engine, the lights and the wipers. It must be seen to be believed, really.
Witness history in the making!

The longest interview ever conducted with a member of eyes see red has just seen the light of day. Go to Atifah webzine, klick on "Goatly Interviews", then on "More Interviews" to find the record-breaking mind bender. Then check out the rest of the site, you won't regret it.

What could be more fitting for a bunch of idiots like us to play on April Fool's Day? I mean, except a slap in the face? That's right, we've got yet another show coming up (so much for that "ESR Withdrawal" thing. Sigh.) We will be playing in the city of Schaffhausen on April 1st. Thanks to our good buddies from Punish for putting us on the bill. Details will be up here as soon as we get them.
As you've probably noticed on your way in, the home page of this, the one and only official eyes see red website known to cyberkind, has been slightly adjusted to accomodate the need of our webmaster not to be forced to reiterate upcoming show dates every friggin' time he puts a news update here. All upcoming live shows will henceforth be listed there.

And while we're blathering about site updates, there's also a massive picture archive in the works, thumbnail gallery and all. It'll be up in the next couple of weeks, so check back sometime.
Yet another poor, unfortunate journalist has fallen victim to the insane idea of interviewing our walkin'-talkin' argument for birthcontrol Mike. Go to the renewal webzine to witness the aftermath. Be warned, however, the zine is in German. But if that's no hindrance to you, may we suggest that you check out the rest of it as well as it is of quite considerable quality.

Furthermore, it has come to our attention that the internet community must be reminded that ESR will make a live appearance at the...

April 8, 2000
Wärchhof, Luzern
Bands: Funebris, Mistress, eyes see red
Doors open at 20.00

and this will probably be our last show for a couple of months. If you need your ESR fix, you better come get it right there, cuz there ain't no tellin' when the Three Stooges Reborn in Red are comin' back.
Remember last year's Winti Deathfest? The insane drunkenness? The heat that nearly boiled your eyes out? The absolute and perfect absence of oxygen? The nasty-looking dude that kept asking you for cocaine? The booze so cheap you just couldn't stop drinking?

Well, it's gonna happen all over again, and you best bet those two chunks of fat you're sitting on right now that eyes see red are gonna be right in the middle of the insanity. It'll be the usual five bucks to get in, and the beer will be EVEN CHEAPER THAN LAST TIME! Long story short, there's absolutely no excuse not to show up.

Feb 19, 2000
Türmlihuus, Winterthur
Bands: Knowhere, eyes see red, Lost Chapter
Doors open at 19.30

And right in time for your release from the hospital, we're once again going far behind enemy lines, all the way to the infamous Wärchhof in Luzern, and this time it's war. Or a battlefield, at least. We expect you to take care of the fighting part.

April 8, 2000
Wärchhof, Luzern
Bands: Funebris, Mistress, eyes see red
Doors open at 20.00

Funebris and Mistress, if you didn't know, are from Germany, and you're surely aware that the Germans know how to party, so you better not miss this.
Thanks to Selina for putting us on the bill.


If you haven't spent the last seven months with your head stuck in your mommy's ass, you've probably noticed that we've been all over the place, playing at least a show a month. Great as it may have been, it can't last forever. Expect our live appearances to become more irregular over the summer, as we crawl back into the cesspool that spewed us forth to work on new material. C'mon, admit it, you're sick of watching us play the same shit over and over again every month.
Can't no lousy "Why-too-kaye" bug wipe the scourge of mankind that is ESR off the face of Cyberspace. No, sir. We're here to stay.

Yep, kids, it's day one after the apocalypse and we're still here. As is customary on such an occasion, I would like to voice a couple mushy sentiments. 1999 was without a doubt the best year for us so far, and there are some people that helped greatly in making the last twelve months the great and insane ride they've been.

First and foremost, my thanks go to the rest of the ELKS posse: Marco & Slaine, Bruno & Lost Chapter, and Zappi and the rest of the nutcases in Knowhere. A big thanks, of course, goes out to everyone who helped out at the ELKS shows as well. Those people you saw cleaning up and working their asses off behind the bar that weren't in any of the bands? They did it all for free. Give 'em a hand.

A toast to Fredi, Esthi and all the other cool people at the good ol' Green Wolf Metal Pub for making our christmas show the blast it was, and to Andrea and Lukas from Headline Music for being the ones that booked us for that show in the first place. You rock. Thanks to the Kraftfeld staff for the Halloween show and the pumpkin soup. Now if only we could get those fake cobwebs off our mic stands. Sticky shit. And thanks to Simone and everyone else at Dynamo Zürich for being cool.

Another toast goes to MG for putting our concert ads on the front door of the coolest music store in town - Trauma - and for showing up at practically every single friggin' show.

A really loud toast (so's you can, like, hear it over there) to our good buddies on the other side of the atlantic: Kev of www.darkweb.org and Asphyxia for shameless plugs above and beyond the call of duty, not to mention radio airplay. Kevin Forsythe of Underground Media for putting together the Underground Destruction comp, Sean Lewis for plugs and radio airplay (I hope you did it, anyway), and everyone that links to us. Keep kicking ass, folks.

Finally... to each and every one of you crazy fucks out there still keeping the spirit of Death Metal alive. They may mock us, they may call us obsolete, but we're here to stay. Keep going to the shows, keep making better albums every year. It matters little if the cattle can see that we are the strongest and most creative scene in the world as long as we know we are. Here's to a thousand more years of mayhem.

There's a reason Santa Claus wears red.

On Dec 24, eyes see red will enter the near-legendary Green Wolf Metal Pub to kick off their Dark X-Mas Carol Days 99. We're gonna put the "mess" in "Christmas", and you better believe it. Check out the Green Wolf website for more info. Yeah, this means our appearance at "Into the Pit" will not have been our last show before the turn of the century and the five of you that actually showed up are probably really pissed off now. Tough.

And if the Y2K bug won't cast humanity into an abyss of anarchy, unlikely as it may be, the Three Stooges Reborn in Red will invade the Ochsensaal in the city of Zofingen on Jan 15, joined by our former neighbors Mors Amara and the ass-kicking machine known only as Requiem.

Expect more shows as the next year progresses. There are plans in the works for February and March or April, but once again, this is a soundly researched and trustworthy news page and we have a reputation to lose, so we'll keep our mouths shut until everything's confirmed.

Dec 24, 1999
Green Wolf Metal Pub,
Deitingen SO
eyes see red
Doors open at 20.00

Jan 15, 2000
Ochsensaal, Zofingen AG
Bands: eyes see red, Mors Amara, Requiem

In other ESR related news, Mike has recently bought a third Tom Tom for his drumkit. Some will remember his interesting theory concerning the relation between the size of a drummer's genitals and the size of his drumkit. Now what exactly do we infer from the fact that his drumkit has just gotten bigger?

Hey, it gets pretty cold in Bauma this time o'the year, y'know.
Believe it or not, but in all our years of causing musical mayhem, we have never played a show outside the beautiful canton of Zürich. Not once. Now that's no way to achieve world domination, is it.

And that's why it's about to change. On November 27th, eyes see red will invade the city of Rothenthurm SZ. Far behind enemy lines, we will... uh, like, play. Really loud and fast.

This just might be the last ESR show of the 20th century, so you better not miss it. And worry not, it's taking place in a restaurant, so there will be booze a-plenty. Also playing are Requiem, fellow bearers of the Tampa Torch, and Lost Chapter, arguably the heaviest band on the ELKS roster. It'll be loud, fast and nasty, so leave granny at home.

Nov 27, 1999
Location: Restaurant Kreuz, Rothenthurm SZ
Doors open at 19.30
Bands: eyes see red, Lost Chapter, Requiem
Halloween may be a holiday sounding a lot like the name of a crappy band, but it's still a cool thing, and what makes it even cooler this year is that there will be a great ol' party going down at the Kraftfeld club in Winterthur. You'll never guess who the special live guest is.

Kraftfeld Halloween Party
Oct 30, 1999
Location: Kraftfeld Winterthur
Doors open at 22.00
Numerous DJ's, eyes see red

We will be playing around 1am, or so we've been told. Thus there is plenty of time for you to get so drunk you'll forget your name and then die a bloody death in the moshpit. Also, since Kraftfeld is more of a techno venue and ESR is the only band playing, expect some surprises. It'll be eyes see red like you've never seen us before. We've got some cool ideas brewing, so don't miss it!
Don't forget to check out the entry below for our live appearance on October 23rd.
More live show details...

ELKS-Syndicate October Bash
Oct 23, 1999
Location: Dynamo Zürich
Doors open at 19.30
Bands: Knowhere, eyes see red, Slaine

The Winti Deathfest a staggering success with a record-breaking audience and beer consumption rate per person, you can expect the October Bash to be another moshing bonanza, so if you've missed us so far, you better take the chance to see us in the big city because we might not be back for, oh, two weeks or so.

While you're here, you might want to take a moment to check out the "The Band" and "Biography" sections of the site as loads of funky new piccies have been added. Look at us and tell us you still feel bad about being yourself.
Here's the details of our show on September 4th:

Sept 4, 1999
Location: Türmlihuus Winterthur
Doors open at 19.00
Bands: Slaine, Punish, eyes see red

eyes see red will be the opening act, so you better booze up double quick 'cause moshing is mandatory. Oh yeah, and it's only 5sFr. to get in and the beer will be ridiculously cheap, so there's no excuse not to show up.

Upcoming shows: On October 23rd we will return to the already scarred Dynamo in Zürich, joined again by Knowhere and Slaine to finish off what little we left standing last year.
In November, we are scheduled to wreak havoc on an as yet unconfirmed club with the unstoppable force of destruction that is Lost Chapter.

In other ESR related news, Mathias recently purchased a bottle of Tommy Hilfiger deodorant and is actually using it. We are expecting a pair of baggies to grow out of his ass any day now.
More live shows up ahead!
On September 4th, we will trash the famous (and soon to be infamous) Türmlihaus in Winterthur as part of the ELKS-Syndicate's contribution to the "Winterthurer Musikfestwochen". Also playing are Slaine (whom we'd like to thank for the kind invitation - You da man, Dani) and most likely Punish or, if they cancel, Lost Chapter. Either way, you'll get a face fulla Death Metal and a belly fulla booze, so you better mark September 4th with a big red X in your calendar.

Further down the road, look for the three Stooges reborn in red to appear live in October. Exact date and location are unconfirmed at this time, so we'll keep our mouth shut. This is a soundly researched, trustworthy hard news page, after all.

As usual, details for the shows will be posted here as soon as they come in. Check back in a few days.
Smashing, baby!
We cannot put the way the "Embrace It" release party went down into any other words than... FUCKING KILLER! A whole club of boozed-up psychos went completely apeshit, Mike gave bloody birth to the CD, and when we wanted to stop, they wouldn't let us. After three encores, we crawled out into the fresh air with the crowd still begging for more. We're considering suing them for attempted murder. Pictures of this already-legendary event will be posted here as soon as we get them, so check back again sometime. You have to see Christian cutting the CD from Mike's stomach with blood gushing all over the place (the stain's still there) to believe it.

Thanks to everyone who came and shook their booties (and boobies) for an awesome party. And to those who weren't there - there's always a next time, so make sure you don't miss it!
Kevin of darkweb.org recently felt the insane urge to interview our boy Mike for his website. The man was fully aware of what he was getting himself into and still chose to proceed. To read his meticulous account of the tragedy that ensued, click here.
Hah. Fooled you.
Klick right here
While you're at it, check out the rest of the site as well. It's good.

And remember, July 10 is still the date of our "Embrace It" release party. Check the entry below for details.
The city of Winterthur will soon fall before the unstoppable force known only as eyes see red. To ensure our undisputed rule over this den of sin, we have turned yet another record store into an outpost of our insane doctrine.
"Embrace It" is now available at:

Sound Cave
Steinberggasse 21
8400 Winterthur

Remember, you can also still get your musical lobotomy from Trauma in Zürich or Musicbox in Winterthur. See the entry below for details.
On July 10, we will finally have our release party at Jugi Uster. Doors will open at 8.00 pm CET. Our good buddies Knowhere will be opening up as our special guests. Make sure you eat enough greasy food before you come so you can booze up like you're supposed to.

Yessirree, bob, the wait is finally over. Mathias will be returning from Basic Training in a week, which means we're finally ready to go out and wreak acoustic havoc again. On July 10, we will finally celebrate the release of "Embrace It" with a live show at Jugi Uster. Those who witnessed the last time we played in that place know what that means... booze, blood and loadsa screaming await. Or in the words of the ever-correct Nostradamus: "In the year nineteen-ninety-nine and seven months, from the sky will come the Great King of Terror." Ok, so I quoted that from a Dark Angel song. So sue me.
Details about this show and other upcoming congregations of the mentally ill will be posted right here as soon as we get them.
All MP3 freaks listen up! It looks like we've had some problems with our downloads lately. Our access log indicates that a lot of people klick on the sound files several times. Wether they do that because they find some sick enjoyment in it or because the download isn't working, we do not know. All we know is that whenever we're looking (i.e., when we try it ourselves or have someone else try it to check), the downloads work just fine. Maybe there's nothing wrong, but if you experience any problems, be sure to contact us and tell us what happened so we can do something about it.
The juggernaut that is "Embrace It" just keeps on rolling. In yet another attempt at world domination, we've made our debut CD available at the following two fine stores:

Kreuzstrasse 26
8008 Zürich

Marktgasse 56
8400 Winterthur

All those who like to buy their music the old fashioned way are invited to visit these establishments.

Drum recordings for our demo tape took place in the basement of Mike's folks' house (using the high-end equipment mentioned below). During breaks from recording, Mike would frequently whup Christian's ass at "Tekken 2".
Recording sessions had to be interrupted a few times because one of Mike's dogs, apparently feeling lonely, had sat down in front of the door and started howling. Since we are not a Gothic band, the sound of this interferes with our music. Thus, a solution had to be found. Eventually, we decided to let the dog in. Five seconds after recording was resumed, the fine-eared canine decided it was perhaps not feeling all that lonely after all and never bothered us again.
Hide the cookies, lock up the back doors and make a run for it-"Embrace It" is out and it's coming to get you! Yep, we've made the release date without even a second's delay (except if you count the fact that it was originally supposed to be last summer but oh well...). So fill out that mailorder form and order right now. For those still not convinced, we've put up another MP3 file to download, "The Quickening", the fifth track on "Embrace It". Go check it out.

Since we can't play any live shows right now with Mathias in the army, we celebrated the release in true Guerilla fashion by going to Slaine's release party, getting drunk and selling CD's to their guests. Hargh, hargh.

So what exactly does "all instruments" mean? Well, Mike never owned a Bass Guitar and couldn't play it anyway, (but then he can't play Guitar either), and since eight tracks is a little tight, we figured since you can't really hear the Bass on 90% of all Death Metal records, nobody was gonna miss it. Well, turns out people actually did notice it...
More to come...
All sing the Anti-Procrastination Song! A-one, a-two, a-three... After weeks of putting it off, we've finally added an MP3 File of "Emotional Flatline", the opening track of our upcoming CD "Embrace It". Another track, "The Quickening", will be added in about two weeks (no delays this time, pwomise), so be sure to check back sometime.

Also, the mailorder forms are up and running, so place your order now and be among the first lucky few to get their paws on a copy of ESR's very first disc-shaped release.

When Mathias joined the band, recording of the demo tape was already half finished - He never played a single note on it. All instruments (we'll get to the precise meaning of that phrase some other time) were played by Mike. Explains a lot, doesn't it?
More to come...
We're done! We're done! Yes, it's true, no one believed we'd ever do it, but we're finally done recording "Embrace It". However, due to unexpected complications in production of CD's and covers (read: we don't know jack about it), the album will be released on March 20. You won't find anything in the mailorder section yet, we still have to determine the exact price. A mailorder form will be made available as soon as possible.

Bassdrums for ESR's first, self-titled, demo were recorded by taping a microphone to a Quickshot joystick. (Yeah, the kind we used on our C64's back in the 80's)
More to come...
Wa-hey! If you're reading this, this means we've finally got our website up and running! Innit cool? We are currently putting the finishing touches to our Demo CD "Embrace It" which should be out in late February. Check back here for the precise release date. Also, be sure to look for a special news installment called "revelations", where eyes see red bare all. Every embarassing detail about the recording of our first demo will be made public. It won't be pretty.