In keeping with our own traditions, we've yet again managed to let way too much time pass since the release of Beyond the Realm of Sanity. It's been, what, three years at this point?

Anyway, we intend to rectify this unacceptable state of affairs over the coming months. We've got a bunch of new songs and some old stuff that never made it onto any releases, and the plan is to record four songs and put them on a CD-R demo. No fancy, factory-made CD this time as it has proven to simply not be worth it. All of the new recordings will also be available for free download online in some form or other.

The songs we're planning to record, if you've been paying attention at our live shows, are:

Believe the Lie
Welcome Back My Friend
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Yes indeedy, boys, girls and hermaphrodites, we're sticking a fork in 2006, and as far as eyes see red's concerned, now's most definitely a time to look to the future.

As far as outward appearances are concerned, this was probably the slowest year since we first hit the stage back in 1997. No new recordings and a measly two shows. But we're most definitely back now, two shows are scheduled for January and February, and we fully intend to get more going as the year progresses. Also, fall 07 will mark the 10th anniversary of our first show, so expect something... big to happen around that time. I'll keep my mouth shut about that for now, though, and just say thanks, as usual, to everyone who does shows with us, buys our shit, comes to the shows or has ever supported us in any other way. You guys are probably all too drunk to know who you are right now, so there's no point naming names.
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In keeping with this year's "no, we're not fucking dead yet" theme, here's some news.

First off, we've got the details for two shows around the end of the year worked out - on December 22nd, we're playing the Gaswerk in Winterthur with Coit and Laudanum. The Gaswerk Foyer has been one of our favorite places to go crazy for years now, and we can't wait to do it all over again. Then on January 27th, we're playing the newly-rechristened Terra in Pfäffikon SZ with Knowhere and Firebreather. This show is of earth-shaking importance because Terra is a place we've wanted to play at ever since... ever since it was still called Hard Rock Café (ahem), and also, it marks the live debut of Firebreather, the new Crust/Grind band featuring Kov from Knowhere and our Matze and Mike. Yes, that means it's the followup project to you-know-what.

Also, we finally have the Beflashed Records and Reaper Comes V compilations listed in our Music section. Many profuse apologies to Paschi, Hoschi and everyone else involved in the publication of these fine compilations for their delayed addition to our website.
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