Look! It's Mike!
Full Name
Michael Meier
Date of Birth
Jan 9, 1977
Favorite Bands
Bolt Thrower, Mr Bungle, NWA, Suffocation, Aphex Twin
Favorite Movies
Fight Club, Blade Runner, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, 12 Monkeys, Cannibal Holocaust
Favorite Books
B.E. Ellis - American Psycho, ETA Hoffmann - Der Sandmann, W. Gibson - Neuromancer, P. Auster - Leviathan

Favorite ESR songs
Don't Ask Me How I Feel - I wrote this one to piss off the others, and it works, heh.
Dreamscape - Best song Christian has ever written.
Emotional Flatline - That one's a bitch to play, but it's the best song on "Embrace It".
Sacrificial - Our sickest song ever. Mathias needs to write more shit like that.
The Quickening - Great bass line, and I still like the lyrics a lot.
Least favorite ESR song
Laughing - I mean, what the fuck was I thinking?
I play the drums because
I can't sing. Plus it means I'll never have to look for a drummer.
I still put up with being in this band because
the guys still haven't noticed I can't play.