Look! It's Christian!
Full Name
Christian Mettler
Date of Birth
April 20, 1977
Favorite Bands
Cynic, Carcass, Spock's Beard, Squarepusher, Mr. Bungle
Favorite Movies/TV Series
Twin Peaks, La cité des enfants perdus, A Fish Called Wanda, Shrek, Deep Space Nine
Favorite Books
Michael Ende - Die unendliche Geschichte, Adolf Muschg - Der rote Ritter, Franz Kafka - Der Prozess, Terry Pratchett - The Color of Magic

Favorite ESR songs
Rapture - This one almost makes you think we're a good band.
Sacrificial - Sounds really straight, but somehow, it's weird. Or vice versa.
Borderline - Short and to the point.
Least favorite ESR song
Laughing - A perfect symbiosis of music and lyrics. Boring, whiny, and somehow you end up wondering if it isn't supposed to be a joke.
I play the bass because
I can only count to four.
I still put up with being in this band because
Because... well... at least it gives me an excuse to be screwed in the head.