Hellfire Knüppelnacht, 1/10/2003 - Dynamo Werk 21, Zürich

Pictures by Tom Werr
His beard is out of control. Crotch inspection The lip-biting trick still works. Not quite a smile, but close enough Hair At least he didn't dress like a bum this time.
'I want my mommy!' 'Me too!' You have to be drunk to like us. 'Rot' means 'red' in German. They're mopping the floor. Hargh, hargh.
A beer-powered fan Show the horns! He missed the mike, but nobody noticed. He appears to be agitated for some reason. Christian looks so creepy, even Mathias is scared. Parts of the show were played under water.
You're supposed to drink it, idiot. See? Like that. You know, him and that ceiling... More hair. The second whitest man in Death Metal. He tripped over a wire.