The embarassment to the Swiss music scene known as eyes see red was originally founded as "Last Warning" in 1994. The band started out as a straightforward Metalcore act with songs mostly based on three chords and lyrics about drinking, moshing and something that barely passed for politics. After two shows and a never-released demo tape, the singer/guitar player at the time quit in mid-1995. By that time, the band's name had already changed to eyes see red, and the music had developed considerably towards Death Metal, which was what Mike and Christian listened to most of the time anyway.

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Nothing much happened until late 1996. In October of that year, Christian and Mike recorded a demo tape with Mike playing guitar. The musical style was now purely Death Metal, the previous HC and Punk elements had more or less disappeared. The plan was to use this tape to finally find a new guitar player, but before they even wrapped up the recordings, Mathias joined. The tape was completed anyway, and until 1999, the world believed that Mathias was to blame for the pitiful guitar performance, which was really Mike's fault.

The band then went on to do what all underground bands do and set out to play in every shitty basement club they could find, joined by various other local underground bands like Slaine, Knowhere, Lost Chapter, Requiem, Epitaph, Unlight and many others.

Ugh II-Return of the Yuck
In late 1998/early 1999, eyes see red recorded their second demo "Embrace It", which was originally going to be released on tape, but eventually turned into a full-blown CD. The album was a massive step forward in terms of production, but was also far more mature both musically and lyrically. "Embrace It" was received well and earned the band opening spots for some bigger acts like Anasarca, Beheaded and Mistress, whose lead singer at the time is now with Arch Enemy.

Also in 1999, eyes see red co-founded the ELKS Syndicate with fellow underground bands Lost Chapter, Knowhere and Slaine. ELKS was one of the first Swiss concert organizations in the late 90's to set up Death- and Black Metal shows after a long dry spell and may have been instrumental in bringing about the DM explosion that followed a few years later.

After three years of playing as many shows as possible, the band withdrew from the stage in 2002 to work on new songs because it was high time for a new CD. The only show they played in 2002 was at the Metal Dayz festival at the Z7 in Pratteln, Switzerland alongside such acts as Rose Tattoo, Blaze, Children of Bodom, Dragonlord and many more. A split 7" with fellow local Death Thrashers Tiburón followed in 2003, and now, five years after "Embrace It", the new album "Beyond the Realm of Sanity" is finally out as eyes see red return to what they do best - playing as many shows as they can and generally having a blast.
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